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Focusing on European Bulk Processing
EuroBulkSystems is a dynamic bi-monthly publication, circulated to over 9000 readers - primarily users of bulk processing systems - throughout Europe. The magazine reports on the handling, processing and distribution of powders, granulates, flakes and pellets - as well as, to a lesser extent, liquids and pastes.

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2017 In-House Test Centre Supplement
To view the latest EuroBulkSystems supplement on In-House Test Centres for Precision Bulk Handling, Processing & Plant Safety (published in the November/December 2016 issue), click HERE


EuroBulkSystems September/October 2017 issue - Digital Version

In addition to its print version, Oakhill Media Ltd is pleased to announce that EuroBulkSystems can also be viewed in Digital Format. To view the latest issue, click HERE.

40th birthday for Vortex
Vortex this month celebrates 40 years of designing and manufacturing slide gates, diverter valves and iris diaphragms for use in gravity flow, dilute phase and dense phase pneumatic conveying applications.

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Revolutionary cooperation on Industry 4.0-compatible networking
Aucotec has created an online link from engineering department to the current device information of the measuring technology manufacturer.

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Record height for a single vertical screw conveyor
Van Beek was recently posed a challenging question: Could it fabricate a 17.5m stainless steel screw conveyor in one piece?

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Radar level measurement for challenging bulk solids applications
Emerson has launched a dedicated version of its Rosemount™ 5408 non-contacting radar level transmitter to meet the specific demands of bulk solids level measurement.

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Simultaneous transfer and mixing of biscuit crumb
Ajax Equipment has supplied a leading food ingredients supplier with a screw conveyor to replace an existing screw feeder and vibratory feeder.

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High-speed bagging carousel
STATEC BINDER has introduced the CIRCUPAC fully automatic bagging carousel which has a filling capacity of up to 1200 bags/h.

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Ejector-driven range of vacuum conveying systems
Gericke has extended its established range of pneumatic conveying systems with the completion of its vacuum conveying product line.

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Biggest mixing plant ever
Promixon recently delivered a giant hot/cold mixing combination to a major US manufacturer of luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) which are widely used for flooring.

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Pneumatic conveying: neutralising noise instead of trying to dissipate it
Aerzener Maschinenfabrik has recently introduced the concept of reactive silencers, which effectively reduce the noise emissions on the discharge side of its screw compressors, positive displacement blowers, and rotary lobe compressors.

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Adaptable packaging line for Mexican cement producer
Beumer Group recently supplied an entire integrated packaging line to the Cooperativa La Cruz Azul SCL, Mexico’s third-largest cement manufacturer.

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