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22.02.2016 Congress on industrial explosion protection

The Intercontinental Association of Experts for Industrial Explosion Protection (IND EX®), Frankfurt am Main, Germany, will be organising the 4th IND EX Safety Congress 20 April in Nuremberg alongside the Powtech exhibition. Presentations of state-of-the-art solutions and topics will include:
Influence of explosion vent dimension on venting efficiency
Standards and legislation: what is new and what is about to be introduced worldwide? 
Explosion engineering/explosion protection in practice: latest developments and future research activities presented by manufacturers and end users.
Live demonstrations of small-scale gas and dust explosions in the chemical industry
Also, live dust explosions under real conditions.
Among the top ranking speakers will be Richard Siwek from FireEx Consulting, Dr Pablo Lerena from Nestlé and Hugues Châteauneuf from BBA, Canada. Further information from:
A controlled dust explosion (picture courtesy of Rembe) 

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