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22.02.2016 New version of Pegasus mixer on show

Dinnissen, Sevenum, the Netherlands, reports that its well known Pegasus® mixer is constantly undergoing improvements and modifications to optimise mixing results and to broaden the available range of applications. These innovations are based on customer requests and also on the experience of the company’s own engineers. The double-axle mixing paddles, which rotate in opposite directions, have been designed to create a unique fluidised mixing zone with excellent homogeneous mixing results, quickly and with minimal consumption of energy. The mixer can be adjusted to suit a wide range of bulk materials, whether to be blended with fluids or other solids. It is suitable for applications involving food, feed, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, at low or high capacities. 
The most advanced Pegasus mixer to date will be exhibited at Powtech (Stand 371, Hall 4) in April. This will be equipped with the latest cutting heads and will be completely fitted out in stainless steel, including the attached automatic sampling system. The design of the mixer has also been further improved to avoid any product residues. Hygiene aspects have always been very important during the development of this concept. For perfect cleaning not only are the mixing shafts completely withdrawable, but it is now also possible to open the back cover plate. The cover plates are not flanged but welded, and all seals are fitted to provide for wet cleaning where required. 
The latest Pegasus mixer

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