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29.02.2016 Remote maintenance for handling and processing equipment

Motan-colortronic, Constance, Germany, is offering a new remote maintenance system which is capable of monitoring all material handling components – from conveying to drying to dosing – employed during plastics processing. No programming knowledge, proprietary hardware and software modules, or complex firewalls are required for operation. 


The compact maintenance box has been developed to provide remote access via the internet and/or company internal intranet. As a standardised system that is delivered ready-for-use, it contains an extensive software package for fault finding and analysis of the system components, as well as monitoring and documentation of the system status. All necessary tools for configuration and administration are included as standard. The operating language is taken from the monitored modules, so that international operation is possible.
Instead of immediately calling on the services of either internal staff or those of the system manufacturer, the remote maintenance box can first clarify the problem: via internet or intranet, quick analyses can be performed on any PC, faults can be isolated in extensive nets, and the causes can be specified. This allows quick and precise measures to be implemented. Reaction times are considerably reduced and the costs for internal and external staff are sustainably lowered. 
The motan-colortronic maintenance box

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