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14.03.2016 Transmitter for high-speed automated weighing processes

Mettler Toledo, Nänikon, Switzerland, has introduced a compact weighing transmitter which has been designed to save space inside the control cabinet. It provides full connectivity to PLC systems with high accuracy at an exceptional speed. The new ACT350 weighing transmitter is primarily intended to meet the needs of machine builders. It provides 600 filtered-weight values per second for measuring fast weighing processes with an accuracy of 3000e. There is no need for additional software filtering to eliminate vibrations in the PLC program. That enables fast and precise filling, sorting and batching processes, thereby increasing throughput and profitability.
The ACT350 is dedicated for use in automation. Fieldbus connectivity via Ethernet/IP, PROFINET RT or PROFIBUS is incorporated in a compact DIN-Rail unit saving cabinet space. ACT350 fully supports the integration by Device Description Files making installation easy and transferable to other transmitters. The transferred weight value from the transmitter is ready to be used in the PLC program. An integrated display shows weight value. The same display can be used in combination with the small keyboard to get status information without any software tool or remote display. The full data sheet can be downloaded at:
ACT350 from Mettler Toledo


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