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21.03.2016 Rheinkalk installs pulverised lignite silo

In order to secure the fuel supply for the rotary kilns used for the production of quicklime in its Flandersbach plant, Rheinkalk GmbH in March 2015 placed an order with Silobau Thorwesten for the construction of a new silo installation. The large-capacity silo will be put into operation according to schedule, after a planning and construction period of roughly one year.
In Europe’s largest lime plant, close to the Wuelfrath district of Rohdenhaus, the four rotary kilns used for limestone refining have so far been heated with quicklime from two large silos. In order to secure consistent fuel supply for the future, the company decided to install another storage and dosing system. Thus in March 2016 a third silo will be put into operation, equipped with the latest technology with regard to level measurement, filling, discharge, and explosion protection. The 1100m³ capacity silo, which is over 42m tall, has an explosion pressure shock resistant design and is equipped with ATEX-compliant explosion vents and dedusting filters supplied by associate company  Thorwesten Vent, in order to guarantee maximum safety while handling combustible pulverized coal. 
Silobau Thorwesten’s large lignite silo being installed at the Rheinkalk plant

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