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09.05.2016 Silo filters now available in stainless steel

Infastaub, Bad Homburg, Germany, reports that its INFA-JETRON AJP 224 silo filters are now available in a new design with all parts which are in contact with the product – and also the clean gas side – manufactured in stainless steel. This qualifies the filter units in particular for use in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics industries. The filter elements are food safe in accordance with EG 1935/2004 and EG 10/2011.
The pneumatic cleaning and high filtration performance of the AJP series ensure a very low residual dust content, also making them suitable for returning the exhaust air safely back to the work place. The long service life and maintainability leads to low costs for spare parts and maintenance. Filter units of this series are generally suitable for all processes, where a dust/air mixture continuously arises over a long period of time. 
Stainless steel version of the INFA-JETRON AJP

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