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16.05.2016 Enhanced design of dust filter

Infastaub, Bad Homburg, Germany, has launched a redesigned version of its INFA-Lamellen-Jet AJL pleated element dust filters for separation of dry, non-sticky dusts. Thanks to the pleated elements, a maximum filter area can be achieved within a minimum space. With the new version, the previous vertical strutting inside the untreated air chamber is now located on the exterior side, making the filter easier to clean. The doorhang can be changed from left to right at any time and a pressure-shock-resistant design has been developed. These modifications help ensure easier cleanability, greater positional versatility and the capability of being retrofitted into a pocket filter.
Infastaub has also just introduced stainless steel versions of its silo filters (see last week’s EBS News). 
INFA-Lamellen-Jet AJL


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