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30.05.2016 Constant transfer of material delivered by wheeled loader

Flexicon Europe, Whitstable, UK, has introduced an extreme-duty Flexicon® flexible screw conveyor with purpose-built hopper which has been designed to transfer bulk material received from front end loaders.
The conveyor consists of a heavy-gauge stainless steel screw that rotates within a 200mm stainless steel tube.  Since the conveyor is driven at its top end by a 15kW variable speed electric motor and gear reducer, material exits the discharge housing prior to contacting any seals or bearings. The tube interior and removable screw are smooth and crevice-free, allowing rapid, thorough cleaning.  
Rugged enough to withstand incidental contact with wheeled loader buckets, the heavy-gauge stainless steel hopper has a capacity for up to 7t or 5.7m3, providing an ample supply of material for the high capacity conveyor to run continually as a front end loader replenishes the material. 
Self-contained on an all-stainless skid equipped with forklifting tubes, the system can be deployed in multiple indoor or outdoor locations with a single power connection, conveying a broad range of free-flowing and non-free-flowing materials from fine powders to large aggregates including abrasives, corrosives and materials with bulk densities up to 2400kg/m3. 
Heavy-duty flexible screw conveyor + hopper for onward conveying of material fed by wheeled loader

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