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06.06.2016 Powder tester engenders widespread interest

Freeman Technology, Tewkesbury, UK, at Powtech received positive feedback for its new Uniaxial Powder Tester which was introduced at the beginning of the year (see EBS News for week of 18 January 2016).  Visitors to the show are said to have welcomed the commercialisation of a technique long recognised as simple, intuitive and industrially useful. The UPT was developed by Freeman Technology in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh, DuPont and The Chemours Company to offer rapid, cost-effective industrial powder testing.


“For anyone familiar with powder testing, the uniaxial shear testing technique is a well known concept,” said Jamie Clayton, operations director at Freeman Technology. “While its potential advantages have long been recognised, the practicalities of measurement have previously been an issue. So we had plenty of people dropping by to see how the UPT addresses these to deliver highly repeatable measurement for a wide range of materials.” The UPT is available in both manual and advanced versions and is particularly well suited to QA/QC, manufacturing and troubleshooting applications. 
Uniaxial Powder Tester

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