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06.06.2016 Bluetooth opens up new level gauging opportunities

VEGA Grieshaber, Schiltach, Germany, specialising in manufacture of level and pressure instrumentation, is believed to be the first sensor manufacturer to employ Bluetooth technology. A new generation of the PLICSCOM universal display and adjustment module now allows all the transmitters in the plics® instrument platform to be remotely operated via an app – easily, conveniently and securely.
The company states that its wireless Bluetooth communication is suitable for all industries and particularly for applications where access is restricted, harsh industrial environments and hazardous Ex areas. A key feature is that the module is backward compatible, which means it can be used on the entire installed base of more than 1.5 million plics sensors, many in operation since 2002. All that needs to be done is to download the VEGA Tools APP, insert PLICSCOM into the instrument and the job is completed. For those who still want to adjust their plics sensors on site, the company offers a magnetic pen which allows contactless operation right through the viewing window of the closed lid. 
The PLICSCOM display and adjustment module with Bluetooth enables encrypted, wireless setup and adjustment via smartphone or tablet

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