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06.06.2016 Contactless measurement of bulk material throughputs

DYNA Instruments, Hamburg, Germany, has introduced the DYNAmas which can be implemented for the online mass flow rate measurement of bulk materials of all kinds. By using the capacitive measuring principle, it allows for the measuring of throughput in freefall or pneumatic conveying systems. Providing highly accurate results, the instrument is easy to use and wear-free, as well as being maintenance-free thanks to its non-contact measurement system.
"With the DYNAmas, we now offer four fundamentally different solutions for flow measurement and can thus react even more accurately to the needs of our customers", commented Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Dybeck, CEO of DYNA Instruments. Since the system separately measures the product concentration and the transport speed and calculates the mass throughput from these results, it is independent of fluctuating solids speeds. The mass throughput can be reliably, precisely and continuously ascertained without disturbing or interrupting operating processes. 
DYNAmas, which is easy to calibrate, is approved for use in ATEX zone 1/21

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