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20.06.2016 Batch controller provides printed receipts

Fluidwell, Veghel, the Netherlands, has launched the N413 batch controller with receipt printing functionality. This is intended for situations where there is a requirement for a locally printed ticket as evidence of the delivered quantity, as for example with tank and truck (un)loading applications. 
End-of-batch tickets can easily be printed automatically or on demand. Even in the unexpected event of an uncompleted batch, it is possible to print a ticket. “The N413 is a versatile and powerful batch controller, with a printer output, two field replaceable, heavy duty relays and three configurable transistor outputs,” said Eric Rath, general manager of Fluidwell. “Relay 1 is fixed as main batch control output. Relay 2 and the transistor outputs can be configured as pump control with time delays, two-stage batch control, alarm or pulse outputs. This makes the N413 a powerful and versatile batch or delivery controller.” 
N413 batch controller, showing printed ticket

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