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04.07.2016 Easy removal of stretch hood film from palletised loads

Beumer Group, Beckum, Germany, highlighted various innovations to its stretch hooding technology at this year’s CeMAT, the world’s foremost trade show for intralogistics and supply chain management, which took place earlier this summer in Hanover. The new BEUMER stretch hood A is the result of the company completely redesigning its tried-and-trusted packaging system in terms of function, arrangement and ergonomics. This includes a soft-touch panel that guides the user intuitively through the machine control menu as well as material-friendly transport of the film in the machine. Its throughput is higher and its floor space is reduced by more than 40% compared to previous models from this machine series.
The company has additionally developed a system that allows stretch hood film to be opened along a precise tear line. By using this easy-opening feature, employees can tear the film hood easily and quickly without any tools being required, increasing unpacking productivity as well as safety significantly. Gregor Baumeister, who has been in charge of Beumer’s palletising and packaging technology business group since October 2015, explained: "There had not been a packaging system for pallets on the market, that did not require the operator to open the film with a cutting tool."
BEUMER stretch hood A and (below) Gregor Baumeister

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