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25.07.2016 From Ecobulk to Recobulk

Schütz , Selters, Germany, with its Ecobulk created the most frequently used worldwide IBC system. Since the beginning, the pioneering core of the packaging system has been its modular design. These IBCs also offer complete recyclability. As a pioneer in the industry, the manufacturer gained experience with reconditioning IBCs from as early as 1976 and in 1980 was the first IBC producer to guarantee the collection of empty containers. Since then, Schütz’s eco-friendly recycling system has developed to become the biggest producer-operated network for the collection and reconditioning of empty IBCs anywhere in the world.


In order to make the close link between originality and quality instantly visible on reconditioned Schütz IBCs, the company has launched a new brand name: Recobulk. Both packaging versions now have Ecobulk / Recobulk embossed on the label plate in order to document the recyclability and the uncompromising quality of both products. Both the Ecobulk and the Recobulk have the same standard specifications and are one hundred per cent compatible. 
The Schütz recycling system is eco-friendly, with the production of each new Recobulk saving around 100kg of CO2 emissions compared with a new IBC; the Recobulk (below) has the same standard specification as the EcoBulk

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