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02.01.2017 Improved mounting kit for load cells

PENKO Engineering, Ede, the Netherlands, has recently enhanced the design of its load cell mounting kits. The company points out that the accuracy of its sensors, 0.017%, requires a precision assembly. Uneven surfaces, tilting or loads in the horizontal plane have a negative effect on measurement accuracy. With the latest loading assemblies, the force introduction now takes place via a ball and cup arrangement. As a result, side forces, loads in the horizontal plane, are no longer possible. Integrated in the kit are two bolts as a lift-off protection, facilitating mounting and/or replacement of the sensor. This feature limits movement in the horizontal plane and makes the weighing system wind resistant. The mounting kits are suitable for the company’s 350 series load cells. Available are ranges from 300 to 2000kg (35902) and 3000 to 5000kg (35903), in zinc plated or stainless steel versions.
PENKO supplies complete weight controlling panels as well as a wide range of instrumentation and controllers designed for high-speed/high-accuracy weighing and dosing applications. 
PENKO Model 35902 and 35903 load cells with new loading assemblies

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