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02.01.2017 Super-fast filtering of bulk powders

Van Beek, Drunen, the Netherlands, recently made an important contribution to a rapid-throughput filter system for bulk powders which had been developed by bulk logistics operator  Wide Scope in Ghent, Belgium. This company specialises in handling white bulk products, such as kaolin and talc. The large tonnages of kaolin that the company dispatches by ship, railcar or truck required efficient filtering and dustfree loading.
With the new system powder now arrives via a hopper into an inclined screw. The screw conveyor ensures a continuous flow to a fine-meshed screening system developed by Wide Scope. After filtering, a second screw transfers the powder via a telescopic loading chute into a road powder tanker. Van Beek supplied two KR400 type tube conveyors with a capacity of 50m³/h, an inlet hopper with screening deck on the first screw conveyor and a loading bellows at the outlet from the second screw conveyor. The whole system operates on a cascade principle. Geoffrey Verheul, CEO of Wide Scope, commented: "We gained a good impression from a personal introduction and tour of Van Beek in Drunen. Quality counted here and also the budget limits were not exceeded." 
The tanker loading arrangement delivered by Van Beek incorporates Wide Scope’s powder screening system

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