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09.01.2017 Improved production facilities for KSE

KSE Process Technology, Bladel, the Netherlands, on 9th January officially opened its new manufacturing/assembly hall (see EBS News for week of 18 April), which had already been operational since late 2016. The event was attended by the workforce and management as well as by retired staff members. Director Adriaan Smulders explained how this new work environment is providing a huge stimulation for cooperation between the different departments. “The special thing is that the crew in the assembly hall is also part of a team, from consultant/salesman up to supervisor/service mechanic”, he explained. Advantages of the new facilities include higher quality, shorter delivery times, energy neutral production as well as increased production capacity. On 20th May KSE will open its doors to the public to coincide with the national Dutch Technology Week and the corresponding KempenTech in Hapert. 
Founded in 1973, the family-run business has grown to become a worldwide concern. Besides the ALFRA dosing and weighing systems, it provides PROMAS automation solutions and related services for animal feed and similar industries. 
Staff and retired former staff celebrate the opening of KSE’s new assembly shop 

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