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16.01.2017 Baling compressible and cohesive bulk products

Apollo ISC, Coevorden, the Netherlands – part of Apollo Group BV – has introduced a new baling machine: the Flat Film Press. It incorporates latest technology in baling systems and can be considered as the successor to the company’s Big Bale Press. It is a compact and fully automatic installation for compressing, packing and palletising bulk product which is compressible and cohesive. This three-in-one installation reduces capital outlay in several ways. The Flat Film Press operates fully automatically and bale size can be changed to suit specific requirements. 
Costs per bale are brought to a minimum thanks to the fact that the frequency of changing film has been significantly extended. One roll contains 2500m of flat film, which means that a roll of film only needs to be replaced every 700 bales. One of the advantages of employing flat film is that a stretchhooder is no longer needed when prolonged outside storage is required. Another advantage is that the flat film can be pre-printed with a logo or text. The core business of Apollo ISC is design, manufacture, sales and installation of components for materials handling and transport installations for the bulk and packed goods industries. 
The fully automatic Flat Film Press and (below) baled bulk product stored outdoors

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