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16.01.2017 Pneumatic weigh hopper has fill/pass valve

Flexicon Europe, Whitstable, UK, is offering a new weigh hopper with fill/pass valve which has been designed for use with dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems.   Suspended from three small-scale load cells, the gain-in-weight hopper is said to deliver greater accuracy than loss-in-weight systems requiring higher-capacity load cells. Single or multiple hoppers can be positioned along a common vacuum or positive pressure pneumatic conveying line for discharging of dry bulk solids into single or multiple process equipment, storage vessels or downstream use points by weight. Downstream of the last fill/pass valve, the conveying line can be routed to the original material source point or into a dust collection device.
As the hopper fills, load cells transmit weight gain information to a PLC. Once the batch weight has been reached, the valve redirects material away from the hopper. The controller then actuates a slide gate valve to open, discharging the weighed batch.
Rated for the pressure differentials associated with pneumatic conveying, the conical hopper is eccentric with a vertical sidewall to promote complete discharge of weighed materials for batching accuracy.
The fill/pass valve of Flexicon’s pneumatic weigh hopper allows material to pass through the valve or to fill a hopper based on weight gain signals transmitted from load cells to the system’s controller

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