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30.01.2017 Dust-tight handling equipment

Robson Handling Technology, Sheffield, UK, reports that it has achieved IP64 approval for certain of its line of products including bucket elevators, screw conveyors, lump breakers, the Airglide, and specific designs of belt conveyor. Responding to customer feedback, the company recently undertook third party testing to ensure that its sealing technology performs in accordance with IP64, the internationally recognised ingress protection rating. An adequate sealing system provides reassurance of dust containment and removes dangers associated with dust emissions when conveying potentially explosive materials such as biomass, grain and sugar. The company’s conveyors have been ATEX approved for many years.
In addition to the local environment being safeguarded, the conveyed product is also protected from outside elements, thus ensuring its integrity. Sales director Stuart Westley commented: “We are delighted to add the IP64 approval as a further product endorsement, which is key when quality, safety and costs are paramount to our customers”. 
A Robson screw conveyor


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