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30.01.2017 HOERBIGER re-organises for 2017

 HOERBIGER, Zug, Switzerland, has begun 2017 with a new internal organisation that is designed to be aligned more closely with the markets it serves. The former Compression Technology strategic business unit will now be divided as follows: the previous Compressor OEM business area and the previous Compressor Service business area will now become divisions and form the new Compression Technology strategic business unit, managed by newly promoted Udo Bauer. The Engine and Safety businesses, which HOERBIGER expects to provide strong growth momentum, are now independent divisions, reporting directly to CEO Dr Jürgen Zeschky. Udo Bauer (47), who joined HOERBIGER in March 2016, will represent the Compression Technology strategic business unit on the HOERBIGER executive board as the business unit’s CEO. 


Dr Thorsten Kahlert (39) will assume management of the Safety Division from beginning of April 2017. The acquisitions of the IEP Technologies, Newson Gale, and BRILEX brands completed in 2015 and 2016 with the participation of Dr Kahlert allowed HOERBIGER to establish a prominent position in safety technology. The intention now is to expand this market position, while acquiring new markets and customers. Safety technology remains a strategic growth market for HOERBIGER with tremendous future potential.
Udo Bauer, newly appointed to the executive board of HOERBIGER Holding  

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