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30.01.2017 Explosion-protection brought up to date at Eternit

Thorwesten Vent, Beckum, Germany, has installed latest explosion-protection technology at the fine wood-chippings processing facility of Eternit GmbH, also located in Beckum. During processing of the wood chippings, used in the production of cementitious particle boards, large volumes of dust are generated.
At the end of 2015 it was determined that, in the roughly 30 years old plant, neither a zoning which conformed with ATEX safety directives nor an effective isolation of the installed components were present. In the case of an explosion, the installation would cope neither with the high speed of flame propagation nor with the related pressure. The result would be devastating damage to components and buildings that could take place at any time. The existing explosion-protection measures were evaluated to be inadequate and, at times, ineffective. As a consequence, Thorwesten Vent created a new plant concept, into which the latest findings of modern explosion-protection technology would be incorporated. 
The newly installed explosion vent with explosion pressure relief flap isolates the system and prevents damage to machinery and buildings

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