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06.02.2017 Dino helps make value-added logistics a reality for RL TRANS

Van Beek, Drunen, the Netherlands, recently supplied a Dino mobile loader for road powder tankers to Finnish logistics service provider RL TRANS. Last year this company opened a logistics centre for storage and transhipment of bulk goods, which enables it to load a client’s packed bulk goods, which are already stored at the facility, directly into trucks and drive them to the destination. The Dino provides an ideal solution for this type of service.
“We are increasingly being asked whether we can deliver bulk goods packed for example in big bags. This led us to look for a way of quickly loading big bags into our bulk trucks”, explained RL TRANS marketing manager Andreas Lindedahl. The maximum weight of 76t for trucks is higher in Finland than in other EU countries. “We can therefore get 53 tonnes into a silo truck”, said Lindedahl. “The transhipment then soon becomes a time-consuming and expensive job. We were therefore looking for a machine with a high capacity and a fast loading time.” RL TRANS chose the Dino DS400 with loading bellows and a capacity of 90m³/h, allowing it to fill 53t into the extra-large bulk trucks within two hours. Because of regular product changes the machine had to be able to cope with different bulk products with different flow properties. The fact that the Dino is easy to clean so that it can quickly change between different bulk goods, was therefore a decisive factor. 
Van Beek’s Dino DS400 transferring powder from bulk bags into an RL TRANS powder tanker

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