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06.02.2017 Bühler invests and grows

 Bühler, Uzwil, Switzerland, through its policy of reinvesting profits to secure future development, has continued its growth path. Order intake in 2016 was up 3% to CHF2.54 billion, compared to a decline of 4% in 2015. R&D investments were significantly increased. Both businesses of Bühler – Grains & Food and Advanced Materials – contributed to the success of the Group in 2016. On a regional level, growth in North and South America, Europe, and China overcompensated the downturns in the Middle East & Africa and South East Asia. Overall, Bühler holds a very balanced position with its global presence: Europe reported a turnover share of 30%, Asia 25%, Middle East & Africa 15%, North America 17%, South America 6%, and South Asia 6%.


“With the accomplishments of 2016, and a strong order backlog, Bühler has a positive outlook for 2017,” said CEO Stefan Scheiber. The dynamic nature of market and technology trends, regional developments, and political conditions make predicting potential business outcomes increasingly challenging. Bühler has adjusted to new developments with flexibility, a collaborative innovation model, and strong partnerships with customers, the science community, and technology and industry. Based on its leading technologies and solutions, the company states that it aims to further increase its growth rate and profitability in 2017.
Bühler CEO Stefan Scheiber

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