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06.02.2017 Drum feeder ensures higher bucket elevator capacity

Simatek Bulk Systems, Hoeng, Denmark, reports that its popular drum feeder has recently been granted EU patent protection. The unit has been designed to improve product capacity by up to 50% compared to conventional feeding systems. This is due to a high continuous batch filling of the individual elevator buckets. As the buckets are not overlapping or touching, the risk of malfunction is much lower than with other pendulum bucket systems. This is reported to have resulted in significant cost savings on wear parts.
The drum feeder ensures a more reliable operation of the pendulum bucket elevator and prevents unintended service stops. It is designed for easy-flowing bulk products including most types of powders, granulates and pellets. For customers with existing Simatek universal elevators there is a great potential for retrofitting their elevators with a drum feeder. For more than 30 years the Danish manufacturer has developed and marketed universal elevators for gentle and flexible conveying of bulk products. It has offices in France and Thailand as well as agents in Finland and Chile. 
The patented Simatek drum feeder CBFS (continuous batch feeding system); pictured below is one of the company’s universal elevators 

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