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20.02.2017 Powder mixing test plant

British Rema, Chesterfield, UK, has opened a new blender trials facility which will be headed by Dr Jose Carmelo Santana Perdomo. He joins the company from the internationally respected Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology, part of the University of Greenwich. The dedicated facility will allow British Rema to develop test protocols to predict and optimise the process of blending powders and testing in relation to blend development. In particular, it is expected to promote a better understanding of the variables involved in the powder mixing process and help to examine the effects of different types of blenders, as well as process and design parameters. It will also allow the comparison of potential new blend constituents with existing ones and the re-formulation of the original blended powder to obtain a homogeneous product when required. This will greatly assist the company’s customers in their choice of the right blending solution for their application.
In addition to heading up the blender trials facility, Dr Perdomo will also be involved in various aspects of project engineering on milling and classification projects within both British Rema’s equipment and contract processing divisions. The company specialises in the blending, milling, micronising and classification of powders and is a leading supplier of powder processing equipment and contract processing services for chemical, food, metal powders, mineral, pharmaceutical and plastics industries.

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