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27.02.2017 Quayside transfer of bulk salt and sand

In association with UK-based Samson Materials Handling (part of the Aumund group of companies), Aumund France has placed an order from STAMA (Société de Transit d’Agence Maritime et d’Affrètement) - its second  for a Samson® 450 Super Series to be employed at the Port of Sousse, Tunisia.  The machine has been specially adapted to receive salt and sand with a bulk density of 1.4 – 1.6t/m³ and will discharge directly to an ongoing conveyor system at an output feed rate of 500m³/h.
The Samson mobile feeder is fitted with a horizontal loading section which will receive salt and sand directly from 40t capacity trucks.  Additionally there is a 35t buffer holding capacity which enables drivers to reposition subsequent discharging vehicles without pausing equipment operation. 
Samson mobile feeder for handling salt and sand

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