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06.03.2017 Combimix process wins major award

BHS-Sonthofen, Sonthofen, Germany, and MSW Mineralstoffwerke Südwest on 16 February jointly received the German Resources Efficiency Award 2016. The prestigious prize was awarded by the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy to the two companies to commend the development and successful implementation of the Combimix process. This process turns a previously worthless mining by-product accumulated in quarries into a valuable building resource. BHS developed the Combimix process based on its twin-shaft batch mixers and implemented it together with MSW at its quarry in Mönsheim. This marked the first German project of its kind. It helped to increase raw material efficiency from the previous level of 65-70% to around 93%.
In quarries and gravel pits, the Combimix process takes clay-and-rock mixtures – which previously had to be refilled or disposed into landfill – and turns them into a marketable building material. Furthermore, this means that millions of tons of material previously considered worthless and dumped can now be reactivated. BHS has also installed the Combimix system in several quarries in France using continuous mixers. 
Left to right: Parliamentary State Secretary Uwe Beckmeyer, Andre Däschlein and Gerd Schuler (both BHS-Sonthofen), Benedikt Fahrland (MSW) and Manfred Immler (BHS- Sonthofen) as well as Prof. Ralph Watzel, President of the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) and chairman of the jury
The Combimix system transforms the BHS twin-shaft batch mixer Type DKX into a mixer that operates continuously according to the established three-dimensional mixing principle

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