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06.03.2017 Rotary valve in hygienic design

S.S.T.-Schüttguttechnik, Landsberg am Lech, Germany – part of the solids solutions group – has upgraded its Type SRVS rotary valve to meet strictest hygiene standards. The new version has been designed in accordance with HACCP and EHEDG guidelines, being easier to dismantle and clean. The unit is available with extendable rotor and optional check guide rails. All solids rotary valves in this series already comply with the machinery directive 2000/42/EC, which has been in force since end of 2009. Microbiological, physical and chemical factors have been taken into consideration with regard to the required risk evaluation. GMP/FDA requirements as well as those of DIN EN 1672-2 have been met with regard to: polished interior surfaces in contact with the product, Ra-values, sealings without cracks, optional electro-polishing and elimination of dead spots. Where total freedom from cracks and dead spots cannot be guaranteed, special attention has been paid to easy dismantling and cleaning.
The Type SRVS rotary valve is also suitable for use under Ex-conditions, having been tested in this respect by the accredited test specialist DEKRA-Exam. The prototype test has certified its suitability for zone 20 usage in accordance with ATEX RL 94/9/EC. 
The SRVP-Hygienic rotary valve 

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