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13.03.2017 Animal feed producer invests in Z-Conveyor

Poeth Solids Processing, Tegelen, the Netherlands, recently installed one of its new contamination-free Z-Conveyors at the Andel plant of Koudijs Animal Nutrition, which produces animal feed, concentrates and premixes exclusively for compound feed producers, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere. The traditional bucket elevator system which had previously been employed did not cope well  with the low-density, fine premix powders which often failed to empty completely from the elevator buckets. These residues fell back into the elevator base via the elevator shaft, thus limiting production capacity. In addition, the problem resulted in time-consuming cleaning work after every product change.
Poeth’s new Z-Conveyor has been specially developed for hygienic transport of light, fine powders in a vertical, diagonal or horizontal path. The innovative transport system consists of plastic flights that move forward on a chain within an enclosed trough. The flights are hermetically sealed which means that the Z-Conveyor is suitable for complete product discharge without capacity loss or contamination. Since the Z-Conveyor offers excellent performance at speeds < 1m/s, the risk of explosion is eliminated; this means that costly investment in ATEX-compliant safety systems is not needed with this type of conveyor, which has a high capacity of 45-220m³/h.
Exploded view of the base section of Poeth’s Z-Conveyor and (below) the head section of the installation at Koudijs

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