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20.03.2017 SWR joins Environnement

SWR engineering Messtechnik GmbH, Schliengen, Germany, specialising on a worldwide footing in measurement technology for solids, has recently been acquired by Environnement SA of Poissy, France. SWR’s founders and former shareholders Ernst Reich, 61, and Ralf Schmedt, 52, will continue to operate in their established fields of competence as managing directors of SWR for the coming years. SWR’s access to process markets is expected to be significantly strengthened as a result of the merger. In addition to being more customer-oriented as a result of additional sales and serve offices, SWR now expects to be in a position to launch new products with greater frequency. 
In 2014 Environnement acquired UK-based PCME, an international supplier of continuous particulate monitors for industrial processes (see EBS News for week of 11 August 2014). Close cooperation is already taking place between SWR and PCME in areas of distribution and development.
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