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20.03.2017 Repeat silo order from Sanko Gosei

Barton Fabrications, Portishead, UK, reports that two of its silos installed early last year at Sanko Gosei Automotive Systems (see EBS News for week of 20 June 2016) have delivered significant space savings, reduced raw material handling costs and enhanced safety. As a result, Sanko Gosei has just installed a further silo at its Skelmersdale site. The new 50t capacity silo will be used to store polypropylene granules and be bulk filled from road tankers, thus avoiding the need for manual handling of sacks and bins of raw material.
Commenting on the purchase of the third silo James Bradley, Sanko Gosei’s production engineering manager, said: “The silos installed earlier in 2016 have exceeded our expectations and we were keen to gain additional savings by investing in a further silo. We were very happy with Barton’s original installation and had no hesitation in ordering our third silo from them. The latest installation has run smoothly and the silo will be used for a different grade of polypropylene used in the manufacture of windscreen related parts for a number of major global car manufacturers.” Barton Fabrications is the UK’s largest supplier of aluminium silos and produces vessels and blenders suitable for a wide range of both virgin and recycled plastic feedstock. 
The third Barton silo installed at Sanko Gosei’s Skelmersdale site 

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