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20.03.2017 Innovative woven packaging made from PP and PET

Starlinger, Vienna, Austria, - in line with the theme “sewing is the past” – will at this year’s interpack feature live production of IC*STAR® (I = innovative, C = closing) sacks. These are produced on the new multiKON KX conversion line equipped with the sealTEC bottom closing module developed by the company in cooperation with the Austrian packaging systems manufacturer Statec Binder. The IC*STAR method involves welding of a closure strip on to the sack bottom by means of hot air in a continuous process, without the need for glue. “The big advantage of IC*STAR sacks is that, unlike sewn sacks, they are sealed completely tight with the welded closure strip”, explained Starlinger sales director Hermann Adrigan. “The IC*STAR construction also practically eliminates the seam allowances required for sewn sacks, and greater strength in the sack bottom enables the use of lighter fabric. Both factors add up to cost savings in raw material – in this case polypropylene – and a reduction of the carbon footprint.”
Another Starlinger development featured at interpack on Stand C20 in Hall 11 will be woven packaging produced from rPET flakes. This latest technology from the company employs material derived from used PET packaging such as bottles to produce tapes for weaving, and – from these – bulk bags and sacks.
The bottom and, if desired, the top of IC*STAR sacks are sealed by means of hot air using a closure strip

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