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27.03.2017 High-visibility disposable samplers

Bürkle, Bad Bellingen, Germany, has introduced a series of disposable samplers designed especially for use in food, animal feed and pharmaceutical industries. These scoops, spatulas, spoons and scrapers are blue – a colour that does not occur in a natural form in foodstuffs. This shade of blue can be quickly found and easily identified in a visual check, should the samplers or parts of them ever become immersed into the product being sampled. They can be used as part of an HACCP/IFS foreign object management regime and are produced, assembled and packaged according to clean room class 7, individually packaged and then sterilised by gamma rays. The samplers comply with EU food requirements and FDA regulations.
To ensure that nothing gets lost or is overlooked, Bürkle offers these products also in detectable versions. These samplers are also available made from polystyrene and can incorporate a special additive in the material that makes them visible to metal detectors or X-rays. These products can therefore be rejected by standard systems for safeguarding against foreign objects, even though they are made of plastic.
The range of blue disposable samplers and (below) compared with the white scoop in the background, the blue version is instantly visible even when partly buried in granular product

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