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03.04.2017 Precision mixing of baby foods

amixon, Paderborn, Germany, has developed a single-shaft mixing system of comparatively small dimensions. This precision mixer is characterised by particularly short mixing and discharging times, amongst other aspects. In the manufacturing process for infant formula and dietetic foodstuffs, precision mixers are required for the admixing of trace elements and vitamins. This process must be carried out with high precision where the dosage and the mixing quality are concerned.
Ideal mixing qualities and excellent particle protection are achieved in a new way. The mixing container consists of a silo-like vessel in the centre of which a large cone is inserted at the bottom. It has a smooth, streamlined design and supports the flow process of the mixtures. Helical mixing tools convey the bulk product upwards in a spiral-like motion. This process takes place along the wall of the container. Having arrived at the top, the contents slide downwards and are directed to the outside once again by the cone. The homogenisation process takes place in the marginal area between the upward screw action and the downward movement. This process is gentle and effective. After approximately 20-30 revolutions, an ideal mixing quality is obtained that cannot be further improved in practice. The displacer then lowers itself by a few centimetres, so that emptying takes place quickly, off-centre and segregation-free. The mixer, which will be exhibited by amixon at interpack (Stand F23, Hall 1)  discharges up to 100%.
Type KS precision mixer from amixon which is free of dead spaces and equipped with multiple inspection doors

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