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03.04.2017 Large steel cement silo at Port of Hanko, Finland

Silobau Thorwesten, Beckum, Germany, is currently installing at Hanko, the southern-most point in Finland, a giant 5000m³ capacity bolted steel silo at a new cement import terminal in the port. The company was awarded the order for the cement silo from IBAU HAMBURG and assembly started in early October 2016. If required it can be disassembled non-destructively in the event of relocation. The assembly on site can be achieved with a minimum of personnel and is scheduled to be finished within three months from the start. In addition IBAU HAMBURG is responsible for the delivery of the conveying and loading systems for truck loading, and for the delivery of the marine technology for transport by sea with self-discharging ships. After completion the silo can be loaded directly from the bulk carrier using a pneumatic conveying system. Beneath the silo road powder tankers will be positioned on a weighbridge and can be filled from six loading bellows at once without manoeuvring and in the shortest possible time.
During the design phase the dimensioning was a particular challenge for the engineers, because silos for such material quantities with their corresponding weight have to date normally been constructed from concrete rather than steel. 
The Silobau Thorwesten bolted steel silo, currently under construction in Hanko harbour, can be easily assembled and dismantled

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