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03.04.2017 New version of LIFTVRAC conveyor wins EHEDG award

The LIFTVRAC premium, the latest hygienic version of the novel French designed and manufactured enclosed belt conveyor, has been granted the first EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) Award at the CFIA agri-food exhibition which took place in Rennes, Brittany, in early March.
“In open processes and conveying in particular, there are still very few items of equipment that are truly hygienic, and manufacturers must thus compensate with long cleaning cycles”, commented Olivier Rondouin, board member of EHEDG France and a member of  the Hygienic Design Award jury. Latest innovations in the new LIFTVRAC premium include an extremely high quality of surface finish to ensure a conveyor with an enhanced level of cleanability. It has also undergone a comprehensive redesign to minimise the number of component parts and fasteners as well as to eliminate all hollow surfaces.
This inclined conveyor’s special polyurethane belt forms a tube around the product being conveyed, accompanying it through the full length of elevation. Apart from powders and granulates the LIFTVRAC has also proved effective in handling snack foods and pastries with minimum risk of product breakage. Key advantages of this patented conveyor include its space-saving design, minimum on-site maintenance, guaranteed hygiene, gentleness of handling and no spillage or waste caused by moist or sticky products adhering to the belt.
The award-winning LIFTVRAC premium, which complies with EHEDG norms, displayed at the CFIA exhibition in early March
The LIFTVRAC is designed as a modular system and the machine can be adapted to suit all production lines; it is far more energy efficient than most pneumatic conveying systems, normally consuming no more than 0.5kWh

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