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10.04.2017 FFS bagging machine designed with petrochemical industry in mind

Concetti, Bastia Umbra, Italy, will be at interpack (Hall 14, Stand D31) exhibiting the innovative FFS-Evolution bagging machine that forms, fills and seals 5-50kg bags of free flowing pellets and granular products, from a roll of tubular PE film. This fully automatic line, designed for the petrochemical industry, is equipped with a Kuka anthropomorphic robot palletizer, the fastest and most versatile model for point-to-point movement. 
The company states that in Europe tubular FFS technology continues to gain market share compared with both vertical FFS (VFFS) and conventional systems where pre-made bags are placed, filled and sealed by separate, discrete devices, sometimes even made by different manufacturers. Concetti FFS bagging machines are highly sophisticated, featuring easy-to-use operator interfaces and control networks. Greater speed and versatility are the major benefits of FFS systems for user companies. 
The company has also introduced Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to its fully automatic bagging systems (see EBS News for week of 27 February 2017). This latest innovation, which will also be featured at interpack, ensures the replacement of air with a single gas, such as nitrogen or a mixture of gases, during the entire filling process, not only in the package itself.
FFS-Evolution from Concetti

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