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10.04.2017 Two digital moisture sensors

Hydronix, Guildford, UK, will be launching two brand new microwave moisture sensors at the IDMA show in Istanbul, 4-7 May. Using the company’s proven digital technology, the new instruments are manufactured from food-safe materials specifically for use with animal feed, grain, rice, nuts and liquids. The Hydro-Mix HT is a high-temperature sensor that will measure moisture in materials that have a process temperature of up to 120°C.  This makes it well suited for installation before or after dryers or in mixing systems.
The Hydro-Mix XT is a digital moisture sensor that, unlike other systems currently available, comprises a single unit that contains all on-board functionality such as signal processing, smoothing and averaging. This sensor has an external seal enabling it to be installed in dusty or liquid processes or applications, from 1 bar vacuum to 5 bar pressure. Both the new devices come with fixing plates to facilitate installation flush with the internal wall in drying, ducting, conveying and mixing systems.
Hydronix also offers the Hydro-Probe XT sensor, designed for applications which require measurement within the flowing material, such as at the outlet of a silo. All the company’s sensors are designed for use with flowing materials, with readings being taken 25 times per second as the material passes across the ceramic sensing face.  
Hydro-Mix HT and (below) Hydro-Mix XT

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