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17.04.2017 Bulk bag discharger for explosive environments

Flexicon Europe, Whitstable, UK, has introduced the latest version of its BULK-OUT bulk bag unloading system designed for use in explosive environments. This BFC series model features a pneumatically powered hoist and trolley to raise and position the bag inside the discharger frame, eliminating risk of potential sparks from electrical equipment or fork trucks that might otherwise be used for this function. 
The unit is available with a hopper and pneumatically driven flexible screw conveyor, a tubular cable conveyor or a rotary airlock valve to feed material into a pneumatic conveyor line. Flexicon also offers BFF-Series dischargers equipped with top-mounted receiving cups and a removable bag-lifting frame for forklift loading of bulk bags, as well as BFH half-frame models that rely on a forklift or overhead hoist to suspend the bag during discharge. 
Latest BFC series bulk bag discharger from Flexicon

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