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17.04.2017 Filling cabinet provides dustfree work environment

Van Beek, Drunen, the Netherlands, has introduced a filling cabinet which helps ensure safe loading in the work place while also reducing dust emissions. It additionally increases production capacity and minimises product loss. When bulk goods are transferred or sacks are emptied, a lot of dust is likely to be released. By equipping the cabinet with extras, The company is able to offer a suitable solution for most situations. For example, a non-hazardous area (NHA) can be created with dust aspiration on the cabinet. In other cases the zone can be scaled down to a safer level (from ATEX 21 to ATEX 22). 
A filling cabinet not only protects against dust emissions, it also increases production capacity and the dedusting system minimises product loss. Bags can be emptied manually at an ergonomic working height. For discharging bulk bags, a special docking mechanism can be installed. In addition Van Beek can connect a bag compactor for compressing empty bags. Various other options are available including a door open/closed detector, an electronic lock on the door, an integrated dust filter, a cleaning hatch, a magnetic screen, a sensor, a control screen, a filter unit, a lump breaker, etc. 
The filling cabinet, with (below) manual bag tip station which can be fitted with safety interlocks

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