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24.04.2017 Relaunch of Fritsch website

Fritsch GmbH – Milling and Sizing, Idar-Oberstein, Germany, has within the past few days launched its redesigned website. A Portuguese version is now available in addition to those in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. The layout has been completely overhauled and now appears in a fresh, clean design with powerful photos and logically divide content. Other new features include:
Utilising the Geo IP for contacting the company from anywhere in the world; the appropriate point of contact will be shown for the geographical location in question.
Product finder: it is easy to filter according to different industries and find the corresponding applications and the matching laboratory instrument.
Product inquiry: with this new feature it is simple for people to generate an offer with just a few clicks; it is merely a matter of adding the desired products to the inquiry list and Fritsch’s quotations department will quickly send an individual offer.
Product comparison: on the intro pages of the corresponding product groups, the most important features of an instrument become visible simply by hovering over an instrument with a mouse cursor.
These and other details can be viewed at: 
Part of a page from the new-look website

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