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24.04.2017 Portable source of clean compressed air

Kaeser Kompressoren, Coburg, Germany, has recently introduced Contain-Air, intended for any application requiring premium quality compressed air. This compact compressed air station can be deployed at short notice as a temporary source of oil-free compressed air for any production system, including pneumatic conveying. Its standard container dimensions guarantee rapid and straightforward transport. The container houses a durable, air-cooled, oil-free compression rotary screw compressor with the integrated i.HOC rotation dryer, a sophisticated desiccant dryer. This combination not only saves space, but also offers two significant technical advantages:
1. The innovative i.HOC drying technology completely prevents condensate formation – either as liquid or (in winter) as ice – in the compressed air line downstream from the container. Unlike other systems on the market, this makes an additional dryer module superfluous.
2. Since oil-free compression in combination with i.HOC drying achieves pressure dew points to -30°C, the compressed air can also be used for sensitive production processes.
The easy-to-operate Quick Connect connector panel for pipes and cables enables trouble-free setup at virtually any location and assures rapid availability in the event of an operational emergency. Kaeser’s triple certification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) ensures that Contain-Air can sustainably meet the most stringent requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries. 
Housed in a sound-proofed ISO container, Contain-Air is easy to transport; the user-friendly Quick Connect connector panel for pipes and cables (below) enables rapid system setup virtually anywhere

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