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01.05.2017 Metal detection: enhanced sensitivity and compliance with Industry 4.0

Sesotec, Schönberg, Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of machines and systems for contaminant detection and product sorting. At this year's interpack the company unveiled its new INTUITY metal detection coil. With multi-simultaneous-frequency technology, INTUITY is said to be capable of reaching a scanning sensitivity that is up to 50% higher than in other systems on the market. Since this coil operates with several different frequencies in parallel, highest product purity is ensured. With the newly developed INTUITY CONTROL user interface the system also offers improved ease of operation.


The systems even detect smallest metal particles in products and thus ensure that packed products are free of metallic contaminants.
What all Sesotec metal detection systems have in common is a mechanical design that meets the stringent hygienic requirements of the food industry.  The company’s product inspection systems are ‘ready for Industry 4.0’ and can be networked with other plant components, which increases the total efficiency, quality and flexibility of production. In view of increasingly demanding statutory regulations and higher liability risks, the inspection of products for contaminants must become an integral part of quality management for companies in the food industry. 
Sesotec’s INTUITY metal detector operates with multi-simultaneous-frequency technology

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