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01.05.2017 Continuous mixing can offer cost savings and better blending quality

Gericke, Regensdorf, Switzerland, points out that – contrary to popular opinion – continuous mixing processes are now not only cost effective but can often outperform traditional batch processes with regard to mixing homogeneity. The company’s GCM series offers well proven performance - even for critical recipes such as blends of sugar with 0.6% to 0.8% pectin and citric acid. A continuous process solution can include, along with the mixer, loss-in-weight feeders and pumps for liquid addition. The GCM mixers can be cleaned quickly with fully extractable mixing tools and an easy-access mixing chamber.
Gericke always recommend a ‘safety by design’ approach, whereby – in this instance – the continuous mixer reaches a steady state condition. It does not need to be filled, emptied and filled again, thereby eliminating many potential risks. The continuous mixing process offers a number of other advantages, such as efficient process management, simple automation, low space requirements and low energy consumption. It can encompass solids-solids mixing, heating and cooling, coating of solid particles, agglomeration and granulation, liquid injection, dispersion and more. Gericke has fully equipped test centres in Switzerland, France and the UK which are available to clients for full-scale trials to test the feasibility and selection of equipment. 
Gericke GCM1200 continuous mixer, showing (below) detail of liquid addition capability

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