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01.05.2017 Advances in mixing technology

Dinnissen Process Technology, Sevenum, the Netherlands, has introduced various innovations to its range of mixers, thereby broadening the scope of applications for these machines. These latest enhancements include an improved version of the D-Topline model, which is based on the popular Pegasus double-axle paddle mixer. The design has been modified in such a way that the upper sides of the mixing chamber lean in towards each other. This negative angle of inclination reduces the risk of product adhesion. It can now also be equipped with an additional hatch on the front, facilitating the task of inspecting or cleaning the mixer. In some cases, thanks to this hatch, a version can be offered where the paddle axle assembly can be driven entirely from the mixing chamber. The improved version of the D-Topline is provided with a divisible shaft seal, allowing the installation to be CIP-cleanable.
Dinnissen is at an advanced stage of optimising high shear applications in the mixing process, which are also based on the Pegasus mixing principle. There are applications for which powders require a greater frictional force in order to obtain a homogeneous product. Another development is the introduction of an explosion-proof mixer (Atex-zone 20 internal), suitable for processing materials in which Kst- and LEL-values are within a fixed range.
These and other Dinnissen mixer innovations will be outlined in greater detail in the May/June issue of EuroBulkSystems magazine. They will also be featured on the company’s stands at interpack (currently taking place), SOLIDS Dortmund and at Victam in Cologne. 
The improved D-Topline mixer is easier to clean

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