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01.05.2017 GEA opens enlarged pharma solids research centre in Belgium

GEA, Düsseldorf, Germany, has invested in a new multimillion-euro solids dosage facility in Wommelgem, Belgium. The official opening of the recently expanded GEA Pharma Solids Center (GPSC) was timed to coincide with interpack. With a total footprint of 1100m2, including 200m2 of technical space, the GPSC now offers a state-of-the-art range of batch and continuous process technologies to produce pharmaceutical solids dosage forms. Some of the key application areas will include continuous wet granulation and drying technologies, continuous direct compression, integrated small-scale granulation and drying, flexible fluid bed processing, high-performance tablet coating technology, and the capability to optimise pellet and MUPS (multiple unit pellet system) formulations. The facility will offer extensive customer demonstrations and trials, training sessions, hands-on lab experience, product development assistance, CQA evaluation support and updates on what can be achieved with GEA process solutions and equipment.
MUPS formulations can be processed by extrusion-spheronisation, pelletisation, granulation, spraying drying and spray congealing, but are typically prepared by dry blending the pellets and excipients in a bin blender and discharging the mixture into a drum or IBC. The container is them transported to a storage area or immediately transferred to the compression room. GEA is one of the largest suppliers for the food processing industry, as well as a wide range of related industries, that generated consolidated revenues of some €4.5 billion in 2016. As at the end of last year the company employed about 17,000 people worldwide. 
GEA’s new Pharma Solids Center in Belgium offers a full range of batch and continuous process technologies to produce pharmaceutical solids dosage forms

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