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08.05.2017 Creating high-performance powders through spray calcination

Glatt Ingenieurtechnik, Weimar, Germany, will participate at Chemspec Europe, 31 May – 1 June in Munich, the 32nd edition of this international fair for fine and speciality chemicals. On Booth A5/S180 the company will showcase fluidised bed and spouted bed processes to stabilise, functionalise and optimise granules and pellets for industrial salts, detergent components, pesticides and speciality fertilisers. With APPtec, Glatt will introduce a new method of powder synthesis by spray calcination to create high-performance powders – for applications such as special pigments for the coatings industry, cathode materials for fuel cells or opto-ceramics for lenses and detectors.
The company points out that for product developers, dustfree, easy-to-dose ingredients with defined structure, bulk density and grain size distribution parameters are essential to expedite time to market. Fluidised bed and spouted bed technologies have established themselves as leading processes that deliver reproducible product quality. They combine the formation of particles from powders or liquids with convective drying in a single process step. Augmented reality presentations will help visitors to experience how multicomponent or special fertilisers can be produced, surfactants and phosphonates can be granulated and enzymes can be coated with a liquid. APPtec – Advanced Pulse Powder Technology – is a new method of powder synthesis and Glatt’s answer to the ever increasing demand for functional high-performance materials. Thanks to the technical development of spray calcination, particles with completely new properties can be synthesised for the first time. 
Glatt Ingenieurtechnik has the expertise to design and implement international projects for food, feed, fine chemical and pharma industries, from expansion or modernisation of existing production sites to the construction of completely new plants.

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