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08.05.2017 In-line magnets remove metal from baby food

Bunting Magnetics Europe, Berkhamsted, UK, has supplied a record 28 pneumatic in-line magnets to a major global baby food products company in Germany.  The magnetic separators are installed into food processing lines to capture and remove any unwanted magnetically susceptible materials. Pneumatic in-line magnets (PIMs) are specifically designed for installation in pneumatic conveying systems.  The 28 supplied for the infant nutrition application in Germany are fitted with extremely powerful neodymium iron boron rare earth magnets.  These produce the highest magnetic field and capture even small shards of metal and work-hardened stainless steel.
The internal design of the PIM ensures that the product flow is not compromised or restricted.  This is especially important when the food product contains lumps (for example diced vegetables).  The powerful flat-faced magnet with two tapered-steps is mounted on one side of the PIM and swings out from the body for easy cleaning.  To ensure there is no leakage during operation, the flat-faced magnet is held firmly into place by long-threaded bolts.  The PIMs supplied as part of this German contract are all finished to a food-grade standard. For use in horizontal pneumatic conveying lines, the fabricated tube and access door are designed to operate with pressures up to 15psi.
Compression couplings speed in-line installation and there is an optional portable cart available for easy handling. 
Bunting pneumatic in-line magnets are specifically designed to be installed in pneumatic conveying systems; two of the units (right) are shown awaiting despatch to Germany

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